Wild Plum Blossoms

Wild Plum Blossoms

30″ x 30″ unframed 40″ x 40″ framed | Oil on Linen |¬†$15,000


Wild Plum Blossoms

This painting is available as part of the 2017 Quest for the West show from September 10-October 8, 2017.

For more information please call (317) 636-9378.

“Wild Plum Blossoms” Parker,¬†Colorado

“Very early in the spring the wild plum bushed bud out along a creek behind our house. They bud so early that there is a real danger of getting a snow or frost while they are blossoming. If this happens, we do not get any wild plums to make into a delicious jam. The blossoms that you see here were covered under a foot of snow the next day. Beauty does not always last…”

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