Mentorship Program

Join Jay Moore for a six-month course covering all aspects of an artistic career

Hear what some graduates of the Program have to say:

“Everything you have taught me has changed my life forever in the most wonderful and unexpected ways! You’re the best Jay!” – Debra Sindt.
“The mentorship was a defining time for me as an artist. Although I had been to art school, during the Jay Moore Mentorship Program was the first time that I really knew that I could make it as a professional artist. Finding that confidence gave me the courage to chase my dream wholeheartedly.” ~David Grossman,


“I did a six-month Mentorship with him, and that just moved me forward from what I was doing wrong. He was instrumental in showing me how to improve my craft.” ~Lori Forest (Exerpt from March/April 2017 Art of the West article)

“This Mentorship has been a turning point in my path as an artist. I don’t see how it could have been better organized or presented…far exceeded my expectations.”~Sydney Springer


“There is no other master artist today who has developed such a teaching method that elevates your mind, your confidence, your skills, your art, your soul and yourself.”~Bette Ann Albert


“This was truly a high quality investment in my art career.”~Maxine Jenner


“There is a lot of information, like taking a four year program in six months. Lots of good “Powerful Practices” that I can do over and over to help me improve my skills. There are really good insights into what it takes to be a successful artist.””~Rebecca Mc Clive


“As an artist trying to find my way in the art market, the Jay Moore Mentorship Program was the answer for me. The 6 months that I spent with Jay Moore was an intense and eye-opening experience. He prepared me like a professional athlete breaking down all the elements of a painting from values to brush stroke. Jay Moore is a role model for any artist who is trying to balance life and the dream of being a professional painter.” ~Jennifer Johnson

Jay has spent 10 years developing, honing and applying this course to students from across the U.S. to go from amateur to professional artist in six months.

Program details

Due to popular demand, Jay has expanded to two classes in 2017, morning and afternoon sessions. Classes are conducted every other Friday July through December

Morning: 8:00-12:00pm – CLASS FULL

 Afternoon: 2:00-6:00pm – CLASS FULL
If you would like to be on the waiting list for the next Mentorship Program, please send me a message through my contact page.
Since classes fill so quickly, most accepted students come from the waiting list.

Jay Moore has created an in-depth mentoring experience designed to give the emerging artist the foundation for a successful career.

This six-month live course covers every aspect of how to make a living in fine art from drawing and painting, to marketing, and professionalism. Classes are held every other Friday at Jay Moore Studio in Parker, Colorado, easily accessible by Denver International Airport or the interstate.

Class size is limited to only 5 students and classes fill quickly.

Course structure

Each class consists of a comprehensive power point lecture, followed by assignments and critiques.

Participants are given field study assignments to complete for the following session. Working through the assignments with other students, provides the added benefit of hearing multiple perspectives of their ideas and work.

Mentorship alumni

Jay Moore’s mentorship students hail from all over the country. Many of his graduates have gone on to make their mark in the art world, including:

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